Coffee, Tea or Me?

Coffee, Tea or Me?

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Picture this. You wake up in bed next to the dude/dudette of your dreams after a night that you knew went way TOO well. You know you have morning breath and your eye make up would probably make a raccoon laugh. As you quietly sneak out of there, you whine as you get a glimpse of the ratty pair of panties you chose to wear the night before. I mean, what were you thinking?!

Then you wake up from this first world nightmare.

Yes, that dimepiece you were out with last night is still there. Yes, you still have funky morning breath and don't even get us started on your makeup. 

But you see that you have these oh-so-comfy panties on... and breathe a sigh of relief. Because girl, this is what a GOOD morning looks like. You saunter sexily to the bathroom, freshen up and check yourself out. You relax because you know as long as you have these on, YOU GOT THIS.

Anyone in the mood for breakfast in bed?

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90% Polyster / 5% Spandex  / 5% Cotton (Polyblend)

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