About Us

Women should be able to wear whatever the hell they want.
Whether you wear booty shorts or a hijab, no one should judge you for whatever is on your body. We all deserve to wear whatever we want AND be comfortable in our own skin. This is how Sassypants was born. We are not your typical lingerie brand. We bring so much more to the table than that.
Sassypants, LLC is a panty emporium that offers a large selection of graphic design panties that cater to women (and men - we do not discriminate) of different moods and personalities. Our products boast high quality and eye-catching designs that are meant to make you laugh, empower you with more confidence or set the tone for a sexy night ahead. It's a big middle finger to society's norms and big lingerie corporations.
Yes, YOU can be sexy AND fun AND comfortable at the same time.
Sassypants panties were made to be shown off but at the same time, you can just wear it just for yourself. It's literally what you call statement underwear: whether it's a statement you're making to yourself, a sexy outfit to entice your partner or an article of clothing that you can wear during a slumber party with friends or music festival.
Comfort, design and uniqueness are our main priorities when it comes to our merchandise. We want every single customer to feel confident with every purchase which is why we are transparent with our sizing and materials to ensure our customers know what they are paying for. Nothing sucks more than getting a pair of really baggy panties or super tight ones that gives you a muffin top.
Our panties are for anyone who loves to express themselves and are unapologetic for it. #SassyGirls are girls who are not afraid to speak their minds and are comfortable in their own skin. She can be perfectly content with lounging on the sofa binge-watching Netflix but is also down for a night out on the town, all dolled-up and sexy.
Located in sunny Southern California, Sassypants is the brainchild of Kris S., an avid lover of fashion, food and humor. If you have any comments/questions/suggestions or simply want to exchange funny memes, drop her a line at kris@sassypantsstore.com or here